Vustr Safechk

VUSTR SAFECHK – an integrated contact less visitor management tool that helps you comply with Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) guidelines and also helps you keep your employees and visitors safe in the Corona era and beyond!

VUSTR SAFECHK is modular which allows us to tailor a solution to your specific needs be it residential complex (condominium), commercial complex, office reception, retail, auditoria, malls, educational institutions, etc.

Key Application Areas:

  • Shopping Malls

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Bus Terminals

  • Railway Stations

  • Convention Centres

  • Public Libraries


    • Plug & Play device – all you need is an electric power point & Sanitiser tank!

    • Contactless Temperature measurement & sanitiser dispenser

    • Face recognition and Mask detection

    • Maintain records of all visitor/employees,Centralised database, comprehensive reports

    • Integration with any existing ERP/Attendance/Visitor Management System

Vustr Safechk Models

Vustr Safechk is simple to install plug and play unit available in display sizes.

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